Do Certain Colors on Promotional Pens Attract More Potential Customers?

One concept that quickly establishes a business in the mind of potential customers is promotional material. Certainly, it is vital that the promotional material is something that is practical and used on a daily basis. Therefore, promotional pens are the perfect piece of marketing. They are also a great advertising tool that continues to draw attention for several months or even years. Studies suggest that certain promotional pen colors attract more attention. Let's take a closer look.

Best Promotional Pen Colors

Pens are marketed in just about every size, shape, color and material. However, promotional pens should immediately grab the customer's attention. The color should also identify the company brand or logo. Smart marketers should keep this in mind, once the advertising campaign begins. Remember, the pens are a very influential part of the entire marketing process. Let's explore colors and their impact on the consumer or potential customer.

  • Red - This color immediately grabs the attention of everyone. It is bold, exciting, and stimulates the imagination. Add black lettering for stronger impact.
  • Orange - This is a powerful background color that motivates people to react positively to promotional material.
  • Green - This is a good background color that motivates people to pay attention and spend money. Add black lettering to engage the consumer.
  • Yellow - Once again, this is a color that quickly draws attention to a product or promotional pen.
  • Black - People perceive black as a very strong and elegant color. The bold color establishes a very strong image. Makes people feel that you are an authoritative figure.

The fact is that colors have a surprising impact on the sales message that you are displaying to customers. Promotional pens also have a very strong impact on the way that the company is perceived. Smart business people are starting to take note of that fact. They are using color elements in all their promotional material to gain immediate reaction and attract potential customers. Incorporate those colors into all business logo's and other promotional material for immediate impact.