Designing the Most Effective Promotional Pens for Your Business

Many businesses choose promotional pens for their business because they know it is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote their business. However, if you do not have an efficient design, it is only wasted time and money. The most effective way to create your promotional pens is to make them unique and recognizable to your brand.

The most important factor in your promotional pen design is the actual usability of the pen. How easy is the pen going to be to write with? You may want to go all out and order a pen in a shape that incorporates your business, but will it really be usable if the shape is all that different from other writing utensils? It may look cute and fancy, but if it isn't that usable, it may just end up in the trash.

Another consideration is the actual quality of the pen you are going to use for a promotional tool. Choose wisely. Ask anyone and they will tell you that they prefer to write with pens that are smooth and easy to grip. Should you pick a cheaply made pen for your promotional item, most people will discard them after the first use. Many often believe that the quality should depend on the demographics, but even those who do not work in the corporate world like to use a nice quality pen.

Next, you must choose the artwork and information that will be imprinted on your promotional pens. The artwork itself may look great on your company letterhead and website, but you need to determine how it is going to look on a scaled-down version. Many logos are not recognizable once they scaled-down in size. Always double check the artwork design before you send the final proofs off.

Promotional pens can be a very useful marketing tool when designed correctly. While there are many factors to consider, the one thing you can count on is that the utilization of this tool is definitely going to increase your brand awareness.