Custom Pens for Business and Pleasure

These days, people are inundated by marketing messages on their phones and laptops. How can you break through the clutter and really draw attention to your company? One way is to employ an old-fashioned method: giving people something tactile and useful, like a pen.

Even if you're not a marketer or a business owner, having pens with your name on them can develop into nifty keepsakes and unique conversation pieces.

Selling with Ink

Despite the prevalence of electronic communications, pens remain popular. Some people just like the way solid, sturdy pens feel in their hands.

Imagine someone looking down at a pen and seeing the name of your business, church group or school emblazoned on it. Since that pen exists in the real world – it's not just flashing by on a screen – your moniker would stand an excellent chance of sticking in his or her head. You could soon have a new customer when that individual is in the market for the type of goods or services you offer.

People use pens repeatedly, which means consumers would repeatedly see your company's name and perhaps logo. Of course, a pen's owner might not be the only one who looks at it, either. Friends, coworkers, family members and others may also write with that instrument.

Affordable and Appreciated

You can also buy custom pens in bulk, making them relatively inexpensive supplies. Indeed, almost every other form of advertising costs considerably more. Plus, pen marketing involves little thought or labor. A TV spot, by contrast, can take up plenty of your time: You have to cast actors, find a shooting location, perhaps write a jingle and handle many other tasks.

Most of all, consumers love freebies and tend to feel valued when you offer them something for nothing, even a small item. Thus, pen giveaways will engender goodwill for your brand. Just don't try to pawn off extremely cheap pens: those that leak, break easily or quickly stop writing.

In addition, pens make particularly perfect handouts at trade shows. At some point during those events, many professionals find themselves searching desperately for something to write with.

Personal Uses

Customized pens aren't just for the corporate world: They make great gifts – even if you just want to give one to yourself. When colleagues see your name on a pen, they might even feel a bit jealous at how you stand out at the office. And, when you're starting out in a career, having a personalized pen can reinforce your sense of independence and identity.

Practicing your signature, which is a fun pastime in itself, can be even more satisfying when your name is on your writing utensil. Better yet, when you let someone borrow your personalized pen, you can experience a touching moment.

Is there a wedding in the works? Wedding favor pens can commemorate your big day in a lasting way. Some of your guests will keep those pens for a long time, and every time they behold them, they'll think of you and your spouse.

When people are holding pens, they're frequently doing something happy or memorable. They're writing Christmas cards. They're signing a check to buy a car. They're composing thank-you notes for birthday gifts or writing love letters to a special someone. Custom pens can make your business a part of such moments, and personalized pens can make these times just a little more special.