10 Personalized Family Reunion Gift Ideas

They say family is everything. But sadly, millions of people lose touch with loved ones over the years.

That's what makes family reunions so special. It's the chance to reconnect with distant loved ones you haven't seen in years – or even those you've never met before!

And what better way to memorialize this event than by incorporating family reunion gift ideas into your party? Not sure what type of gifts to give? We're here to help!

Keep reading to discover 10 reunion gift ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression for years to come.

1. Photo Album

This seems like the most obvious reunion gift idea, and why not? A picture is worth a thousand words. And what better way to remember your family by?

There are a few different ways to create a memorable photo album. If you have the time (and resources) create a photo album or scrapbook prior to the reunion. Fill it with old pictures and your favorite moments from your family's past. 

Make copies and provide an album for each family member. Leave some blank pages for signing and writing heartfelt messages.

Another option? Hire a photo booth for the event. Most booths print out several copies of each picture right then and there. Each family member can take home funny and favorite moments from the night to create their own keepsake. 

2. Pens and Stationery 

Next to pictures, words are the perfect way to stay connected with family members. Why not gift the entire group with personalized pens and stationary? 

Whether they use these items at work, in their home office, or to write you a letter, your family members will think of you each time they jot down a note – or simply make their grocery list!

3. Recipe Book

Is your family reunion a potluck event? Have you always wanted to know your great aunt's peach cobbler recipe or how to make meatballs like your grandfather?

Ask each family member to bring along a dish plus several copies of the recipe. Everyone can take home a copy and recreate the dish in their own kitchens. 

If you're organizing the party, have everyone send you the recipe beforehand. This way, you can create the recipe book complete with your family name, photos, and the reunion date. 

4. Name and Photo Stickers

From kids to teens and adults, everyone loves stickers! Whether you use them to decorate notebooks and tablets or to seal a letter, stickers make a fun and long-lasting reunion gift.

Purchase stickers that coordinate with your party theme. You can even personalize them using the family name or photos. Stickers of hearts and words like "love", "family", and "memories" are also perfect for reunions.

Stickers can also double as accessories for those photo albums and scrapbooks mentioned earlier!

5. Personalized Shirts

This is an iconic reunion gift idea. And one that you can get super creative with. When it comes to getting personalized shirts as family reunion favors, the options are endless!

You can adorn the shirts with the family name and the reunion date. Choose bright, fun colors. If you want to take it one step further, order shirts with a group photo on it. 

Another fun idea is to create shirts that resemble sports jerseys – complete with the family name on the back and numbers. 

6. Koozies

A drink in your hand and your toes in the sand – that's a great way to celebrate family. Drink koozies not only keep your beverages cold and prevent undesirable rings on your table, but they're also the perfect reunion gift idea.

Personalize koozies with bright colors, the family name, or a picture or emoji that represents your family. Loved ones will smile each time they take a sip of their favorite beverage. 

7. Keychains

Everyone has at least one set of keys (if not two or three). Keychains are synonymous with vacations and act as the perfect piece of memorabilia.

With a keychain reunion gift, your family can carry memories with them everywhere they go. Photo keychains are ideal. If you have a group photo on hand, create a photo keychain for each family member.

A more playful approach might include keychains shaped like flip-flops, hearts, or another symbol that's meaningful to your family. If you want kid-friendly keychains, opt for the rubber variety!

8. Mugs

Who doesn't enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning or hot tea before bed? We all have that favorite mug that we grab for each day. 

A personalized mug makes for a great reunion gift and one that will be put to good use! Pair this with some flavored teas, gourmet coffee, or hot cocoa. If you're worried about the gift getting broken or damaged, opt for a travel mug.

9. Reusable Bags

Going green is all the rage these days. And with grocery and retail stores across the nation swapping plastic bags for canvas, this is the perfect practical reunion gift idea. 

Choose a tote that's a reasonable size – large enough to carry important items but not so big that your family members won't ever use it. You can choose from different materials too, including canvas, nylon, hemp, and polyester.

If you're feeling really generous, fill the reusable bag with additional favors like some of the items listed here from koozies and keychains to travel mugs and fashionable pens

10. Luggage Tags

Are you taking your reunion on the road? Luggage tags are a unique reunion gift your family will love and appreciate.

Create personalized tags and mail them to your family members prior to the big day. They can easily label their luggage – guaranteeing they never lose their bags or their memories of the special day!

You Can't Go Wrong with These Family Reunion Gift Ideas

Whether this is the first family reunion in years or reunions are something you do annually, these family reunion gift ideas are sure to leave a lasting impression.

From personalized to practical items, your family will appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity. 

If you have a large family you might be looking to save a few dollars on your gift purchase. We can help! Check out our clearance section where you can purchase quality items for less.