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PensXpress Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Q: How do I order pens from PensXpress?

A: For information, please see our Ordering Pens section.

2. Q: Do you sell to Companies only?

A: We sell to everyone (Companies, Personal, Churches, Schools etc) you can have any imprint information printed on your pens.

3. Q: Does PensXpress offer pens with blue ink/refills?

A: Click here to see all pens available with blue refills.

Q: How should I send my logos?

A: Attach your logos to an e-mail and send them to graphics@pensxpress.com . We accept logos only in Corel Draw (.CDR), Adobe Illustrator (.EPS or .AI), or Macromedia Fireworks (.PNG) format. Send only black and white art. For further details, please see the Artwork Guide page.

Q: Why would I need to pay a logo charge?

A: We charge you to size, scan, and store your artwork. The logo set-up fee will apply for 1st time orders and every time there is a change there after; whether is to the imprint or if re-ordering a different item. On the metal pens the logo set-up fee will apply every time even for exact re-orders.

Q: Do you charge extra to imprint my company information?

A: Printing standard text in one color is FREE.

Q: How much information can I have printed on the pens?

A: Most of our plastic pens can have 3-5 lines with up to 35 characters per line. Each pen will disclose the maximum number of lines it can have.
We imprint our laser engraved metal pens with up to only 2 lines.

Q: Can I have the pens imprinted with two or more colors?

A: We offer one-single color imprint only. If you need assistance choosing the color please call us.

Q: What colors can I have for imprinting the pens I order?

A: For imprinting, we have black, gold, white, silver, red, blue, and green. On dark pens, use gold, white, or silver for the best contrast. On light pens, use red, black, blue, or green.

Q: What do the fonts used for imprinting look like? Can I look at them before I order?

A: Click here to see the fonts we have available for imprinting your pens. Upon request only we can customize your text imprint (Bold, Larger, Italic etc.); Otherwise the imprint will be printed in the standard font and size. Non-standard fonts are considered a logo.

Q: Can I include a trademark or copyright symbol in the text I want?

A: Use the keys ALT+0174 to create (registered trademark), ALT+0153 for (trademark), or ALT+0169 for (copyright).

Q: Must I order pens all of one color, or can I place an order for assorted colors?

A: You can order any of our pen styles in assorted colors. Each order is limited to colors we have. We will choose colors for the assortment that will go together with your chosen imprint color. For example, we would not include yellow pens if you choose yellow lettering. If you want to order special colors, please let us know in the "Special Order Instructions" when you check out.

Q: Can I examine an artwork/imprint proof before committing to full production?

A: When you place your order make sure to request your proof under "Special Order Instructions". Within a couple of days you'll receive a free paper proof via e-mail (.pdf) . "Proofs are only sent upon request". For an actual pre-production pen sample the fee is $20.

Q: If I am dissatisfied with the pens I ordered, can I send them back?

A: If your order was completed and shipped according to your instructions, we cannot refund or exchange the pens. For further details, please read the Terms and Conditions .

Q: I would like to see some samples of your products before I place an order. Can I do this?

A: Please email us at info@pensxpress.com to request samples. We do ask that you pay for the shipping cost to your location. Most of our pens/samples are free of charge, however some pens may have a fee - please include the model on part number in your e-mail

Q: How safe is it for me to use my credit card on your Web site?

A: We use a secure HTTPS connection using 128-bit SSL v2/v3 encryption. When you enter your credit card number, we encrypt the credit card information when it comes to our server and when we send such information from our server back to you.

Q: Do you offer a printed catalog?

A: We do not offer a Hard Copy Catalog, however you can certainly print our "Website's Catalog" from this link Fast Browse page  

Contacting PensXpress
Q: How do I contact PensXpress.com by the telephone?

A: You can reach us at the following phone numbers:

Office Line: 1.855.736.7977
24 Hour Fax Line: 1.732.817.0077

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9AM - 5PM . Please try to contact us within those hours.

19. Q: I have a question/concern and I cannot call the office, who should I email?

A: Order and Website Support: info@Pensxpress.com

Q: What do I do if I email one of your staff and I get no reply?

A: Our staff responds to emails during normal business hours and our response time is generally within 24 hours. Response times are also generally dependant on the content of the email. If you do have a question, please check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to see if you can find an answer. 90% of the questions can be answered in the specific FAQ page or Terms and Conditions page.

Q: What do I do if I called and no one answers?

A: Our business hours are 9AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday-Friday. We may answer phone calls outside the business hours as sometimes we may stay late but an answer past our official business hours is not guaranteed. Mondays are extremely busy for us as all of the weekend orders flood in but we will still do our best to respond to any customer questions/concerns.

Ordering/Online Before Your Order Has Shipped
Q: How long does it take for normal production?

A: For production and shipping information, please see the Terms and Conditions .

23. Q: I need my pens for an upcoming event. Do you have rush service?

A: For $30.00 extra, we can expedite orders of up to 500 pens, or $0.06 per pen for orders over 500 pens. Please tell us the date of the event when you order. For further details, please read the Terms and Conditions .

Q: Can I use a company purchase order to place an order?

A: PensXpress only accepts purchase orders from State and Goverment agencies. Please fax the PO to 732-783-0327.

Q: What payment types will you accept?

A: We will honor orders placed using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Q: Where is my invoice/receipt?

A: A copy of the receipt is emailed directly to the address provided as soon as the order process has completed. If you need a copy of the receipt emailed to you, please contact us orders@pensxpress.com and we will forward a copy.

Q: What if I accidentally place my order twice?

A: If you place your order twice by accident, you will receive two different confirmation emails. We ask that you call our offices so we can cancel one of the orders and proceed with the other.

Q: Does PensXpress.com ship to APO/FPO addresses?

A: PensXpress does not ship to APO/FPO addresses. See question 28.

Q: Why doesn't your company ship via USPS?

A: To be honest, there are a number of reasons why USPS delivery services are cheaper. One, they do not have any live tracking whatsoever. Delivery confirmation is available but only lets you know when the package has arrived, not where the package is or when will it arrive AND it costs extra. Two, all UPS packages are automatically insured for $100 with the base shipping costs. Insurance on USPS packages is an additional cost. Three, UPS provides signed delivery with the base shipping costs where as to it would cost extra if using USPS.

After Your Order Has Been Received/Shipped
Q: What do I do if something is missing from my order?

A: We ask all customers to go through the entire box/package very carefully to verify if something is missing. If you are indeed missing an item from your order, please contact our offices and explain the situation. After an investigation into the missing item, the customer will be notified of the resolution.

31. Q: What if I received something I didn't order?

A: If you have received another item instead of one you purchased, please contact our customer service dept at orders@pensxpress.com and explain the situation. After an investigation into the order, the customer will be notified of the resolution. Most likely what will happen is that the parts will be picked up and then the correct ones re-shipped.

Q: If I receive pens that were printed wrong or are the wrong color, can I send them back?

A: PensXpress is responsible for printing and shipping exactly what you order. If we make a mistake during the printing process, we will RMA the wrong pens and ship you corrected pens. For further details, please read the Terms and Conditions .

Q: How does your shipping/processing work?

A: We use UPS for all our shipping needs. What happens is once an order is placed, we see the order on our system. If there are no billing/shipping discrepancies, the order is sent to the production deptarment to be printed. Once printed, the package is weighed and labeled and is then ready to be picked up by UPS. Then once the final pickup is made, the tracking numbers are emailed to all the customers at approximately 8-10PM EST. What do I do if my order was shipped at a shipping rate slower than I paid for? If there is a shipping error and the shipment is shipped out at a slower rate than originally paid for, we will refund the difference in shipping back to the customer.

Q: Why does my UPS tracking number say "Exception" as it's status?

A: If your tracking number has a status of "Exception", then there was a problem with the delivery. You can click "Details" in the tracking website, there will be a brief explanation as to why there was an exception. If you have any questions, please call our offices to resolve the issue.

Q: Where is my tracking number for my order?

A: Tracking numbers are emailed to the provided email addresses of all orders that shipped that business day at approximately 8-11PM EST.

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