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Promotional Pens Shipped Fast with 100% Satisfaction

Even in the age of technology, not many people say no to a free pen. If they’re going to ‘steal’ your pen, it should be customized with your company name and logo so they always remember where it came from. PensXpress offers promotional pens that help your business (or special occasion) stand out.
Everyone from B2B and B2C companies, to non-profits, to community organizations and groups can benefit from custom pens branded with your organization name, contact information and logo. Personalized pens are practical, easy to carry and always in demand, which means people will actually use and enjoy your giveaway or gift.

PensXpress offers a wide range of highly customizable pens to fit every need and occasion.

PensXpress Promise

PensXpress sells directly to businesses, schools, churches, individuals and organizations and is a trusted source for high-quality promotional pens. We understand that each of these valued customers has unique needs and is looking for different qualities, features and styles in their promotional pens. We work hard to offer a full range of pens with logos to meet your functional, color, feature and price needs. We regularly stock new arrivals to keep your options fresh and help you stand out from the crowd. Some select styles of our promotional items have no minimum order, allowing you to get a smaller quantity of customized pens for special occasions. We add as much information to the product descriptions as possible so you have a clear understanding of what you’re ordering. Once you’ve found the perfect pen, we make it easy to customize your order with everything from body color and ink color, to what you would like printed on the pen (including your logo).Your business pens will look professional, work well and arrive in a timely manner so you can continue with your plans without delay. .

Advertising Pens: King of Popularity

Promotional pens remain the top giveaway item for businesses, tradeshows, conferences and organizations. In 2014, writing instruments, most likely advertising pens, were the most common promotional giveaway in all nine countries studied by the Advertising Specialty Institute. An affordable option for branded merchandise, personalized pens have helped companies around the world spread their name without breaking the bank. More importantly people remember getting promo pens, take them home, and continue to use them on a regular basis – keeping you top of mind.

Capture and Keep Attention

The general public is becoming increasingly immune to traditional advertising methods, making it harder for organizations and businesses to draw attention and stay top-of-mind. Staying in front of people is no longer enough—they just ignore pop-ups, ads, billboards and commercials. To make your brand stand out, you need to actively engage with potential consumers. One of the best ways to do that on a daily basis is by having your name in their hand every time they need to jot something down. Writing something down is proven to help memory retention, by having a stand-out customized pen, you might just be able to piggyback off of that natural memory boost.

Pens Personalized For Your Needs

Unlike many other promotional merchandise, pens are affordable even when they’re branded and customized. Pick the style that best represents your company or organization and easily include a message right on the pen that will resonate with users – all while staying affordable and cheap to fit into most marketing budgets. Popular customization options for our pens include a company name, address, website, phone number or email address. For a simpler and cleaner look, you can opt to go with only your logo on a marketing pen that matches your brand color. Whether you want all your personalized pens to look alike, or you want a variety for people to choose from, PensXpress will work with you to make sure your order turns out just right.

Custom Pens to Fit Your Life

Community groups may want to purchase large quantities of cheap custom pens to give to all their members while law firms and banks may want to invest in high-quality imprinted pens that properly represent their business. The beauty of the pen is that there is a unique fit for every organizational need. Browse our full collection to find the custom pen that is perfect for you.