Personalized Hotel Pens

Putting a personalized hotel pens in every room has become common practice. People always need something to write with and providing a custom pen is a great way to add value to a person’s stay and spread the hotel’s name. Perfect for conference rooms and hosted business meetings, select from a variety of elegant and quality options to match your hotels color and décor.

PensXpress is a trusted hotel pen supplier, carrying a wide selection of styles and colors to fit any need and brand. Imprint your pens with the hotel name and logo or add the hotel location for an extra personal touch and promotional boost.

From independently owned motels to international hotel chains and conference centers, any hotelier can benefit from investing in promotional hotel pens. Select a classic style and color to stay on brand or opt for an edgy design to match your boutique hotel. Choose high quality engraved metal pens for your top suites and stock the front desk with a never-ending supply of pens that guests can take with them when they leave. Bulk ordering from PensXpress makes custom hotel pens affordable and easy.

Hotels that offer their guests complementary perks and thoughtful room additions stand out and attract repeat attention. An in-room pen or two means your guests don’t have to dig through their bags when they need to write something down and every conference center has a stock of pens on hand. A pen will end up being provided to guests, so make sure it has your hotel’s name on it!