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Xpress Dominion
Sale Price: $1.40
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Xpress Dominion
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When only the very best will do, our handsomely designed, personalized pens feature sleek designs and professional-quality laser etching. Your company name will become synonymous with the exceptional performance and elegant look of these custom pens. The Dominion collection features a retractable ball point pen with a rubber grip and smooth writing action. It includes up to two lines of custom text. The gold lettering matches the pen's distinctive highlights. The Bally has a refined, artistic look and is available in blue, maroon or black, with either gold or chrome lettering. The metal trim matches the lettering. For a more modern, high-tech appearance, we have the Madone, Domaines, Vienna and Reve collections. The Madone features a unique dotted grip, while the Domaines have stylish angled vents on the clip and barrel. The Vienna has a glossy chic design with thin rubber pieces on either side for a comfortable grip. The Reve has a bolder look with eye-catching silver accents. It's the attention to detail that sets these luxury customized pens apart.
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