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Xpress Ally
Sale Price: $0.66
PX 2072B-Silver Xpress Ally Twist Pen. These Xpress Ally pens are one of PensXpressí ...

Twist Pens

Our twist action, fully customizable pens are exquisitely designed writing instruments that will be frequently used and greatly appreciated. They make excellent gifts for valued employees and loyal customers or clients. At the same time, they will advertise and promote your company name wherever they go. You can include your logo and up to three or four lines of customized text. The Classic Matte Twist features a plastic matte finish and gold trim, and has an appearance that's richer than its price. The Ally has an elegant design, making it appropriate for a special corporate event or to give as a gift to clients. It's available in black or blue with silver accents. A small piece on the end of the clip that matches the pen's color is the sort of detail that makes this custom pen stand apart. The Axis line is similar to the Ally, except that it has gold trim. With its classic design, this pen makes a perfect gift for guests at special events such as weddings and anniversary parties.