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Customized Retractable Pens

Personalized pens are the top promotional item for businesses worldwide. However, the last thing you want when at a conference, visiting a client or putting out pens at your office is having to worry about matching caps to pen bodies. Retractable pens are the perfect solution.

Retractable ballpoint pens are a sleek and efficient design. For many people, this style of pen is what comes to mind when they imagine their stock of free promotional pens. Retractable pens are an easy way to ensure clothes and other items aren't accidently marked-up, without having to worry about not losing the pen cap.

PensXpress carries the perfect personalized retractable pen for any need. From professional pens with golden metal accents that are perfect for business to bright colored durable pens for eye-catching giveaways, PensXpress has a retractable pen to fit any aesthetic. Our wide selection of the best retractable pens are affordable and highly customizable. Include your organization's name, logo and contact information to stay top-of-mind whenever people are using your personalized pen. PensXpress also offers bulk and rush ordering on select models and items, meaning you can easily get cheap customizable pens whenever you need them.

Advertise you company with an item that people actually want and need. Whether you're promoting your business, non-profit organization or celebrating a special occasion, a retractable ballpoint pen is a cheap and useful option.