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The Least Expensive Advertising Method is Ballpoint Pens

Beyond the ballpoint pen is a world of pen options that offers you a wonderful chance to increase your corporation recognition to the general public. Adding your company name or promotional logo to our stick pens or plastic pens for a complete customized look will have a powerful effect on your business. Which metal pens, twist pens or retractable pens are best for your corporation or office budget? No matter your choice, PensXpress has the best selection of customized plastic pens waiting for you.

    Price Busters

Budget Priced for everyday use.

    Metal Pens

Sophisticated retractable with Metal Trim Accents.

    Grip Pens

Rubber barreled for a good Grip and sure feel.

    Retractable Pens    

All types of Retractable, Metal, Jumbo and Grippers

    Jumbo Pens

Larger barreled for Comfort and Style

    Stick Pens

Our Inexpensive Stick style in Plastic

    Twist Pens

Twist open in a variety of colors and sizes.

    Clip Action Pens

New Styles of Clip Action in great colors.

Demonstrate Your Company's Image

Before browsing our selection of plastic pens and metal pens, consider what image you would like your company to portray. This decision will influence which personalized pen material you would like for your company's promotional items. The unique sizes, colors and writing styles of pens dictate the perception of your company. Every pen we offer has a small description next to it for additional information.

Show Gratitude to Clients and Potential Customers

PensXpress is your source for long-lasting twist pens and retractable pens. We're able to print almost anything on these pens for your complete satisfaction. Make your future clients more familiar with our personalized approach to stick pens and metal pens. These retractable pens are ideal for tradeshow conference handouts. Your logo or statement can be added quickly to your plastic pens order, and will be shipped directly to you. Great prices, flawless business advertisement possibilities, and fast delivery make PensXpress your source for excellent promotional twist pens items and more.

If you're having trouble choosing between stick pens, plastic pens or twists pens, why choose? Purchase sample packages and determine which pens are best for you.