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The difference in the gel ink pen is that it uses water-based, rather than oil-based, ink. Gel ink pens give a smoother writing experience and a bolder line, and are similar in feel to fountain pens. They are less likely to bleed through paper than a fountain or rollerball pen, and give you greater control for expert penmanship. Our Gel Luna personalized pens make an elegant gift for your business associates or valued employees in your organization. These professional quality pens are at home in any corporate setting. With a matching cap and barrel, and silver-colored clips, they're available in blue or black ink. You can customize them with up to four lines of text and your company's logo. We also have gel ink pens available with comfort grips. They feature a slightly more subdued styling, with clip ends that match the color of the barrel and cap, either blue or black depending on the ink color.